How To Make A Christmas Tree Skirt

Unfold fabric and stack both pieces with right sides together. Using this christmas tree skirt pattern fold 2 yards of plaid fabric in half with shorter sides together and fold in half again to get a rough square.

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Pin a piece of string to the middle.

How to make a christmas tree skirt. From what i have read you want your tree skirt to be at least as wide as the bottom row of branches on your tree. Cut along each of the lines. This three colored and three tiered skirt is easy to make because you only need to create three pieces of scalloped fabric and center them under the tree.

It doesn t even require any sewing if you use a tree support to secure the layers. Since you won t be sewing this skirt you should use fabric that does not fray. A christmas tree skirt.

If you need a bigger or smaller tree skirt then you will need to adjust the amount of fabric you get. Fold your fabric in half so that you now have a rectangle. Fold 2 yards of coordinating fleece in the same way.

This resulted a diy christmas tree skirt that is about 52 inches in diameter. Sew all around the outer edge one side and the inner circle leaving one straight edge open for turning. Move the string from one corner to the other marking the curve with a pen as you go.

Sewing the christmas tree skirt once the ruffle is pinned to the lining batting layers place the top fabric in place with the right side down. Remember your measurement step 2 fold your fabric in half. When creating the tree skirt the instructions call for the strips to be sewn together in sets of nine.

From there you take the blade template and cut out the individual sections. Make your home feel cozier with plaid. Square it off so that all sides are the same length and nice and straight.

Step 1 decide how big you want your tree skirt to be. Felt flannel fleece and faux fur step 3 draw semi circle on the fabric based on your measurement. Plaid christmas tree skirt.

Use a measuring tape ruler or a piece of string to measure from the base of the trunk to where you want the tree skirt to end. This leaves a little bit at the end of each strip set and that is enough to cut out four potholders. Diy no sew christmas tree skirt.

Cut 1 4 inch away on each side from the line going from the outer edge to the inner edge. For years i have used vintage blankets baskets wood boxes and old tablecloths to hide the tree stand under our christmas trees. Pin all the layers together to keep everything secure and it s finally time to sew it together.

Unfold the skirt and choose one of the fold lines. Lay your fabric down. When i was given the task to create something with bernat alize yarn which i refer to as loop yarn i knew exactly what i wanted to make.

Enlarge pattern to fit fabric square and cut along lines creating a doughnut shape with each piece of fabric. Then fold it again.

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