Humanoid Insectoid Race

They have all been here longer than us. We humans are all of alien descent.

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They all consider humans vastly inferior little more than animals.

Humanoid insectoid race. Experiencers describe these beings as incredibly tall and more humanoid than insectoid with black skin extremely long limbs and extra joints on their appendages. However in most cases the insectoid has a multi segmented body with 4 legs 2 arms and 2 antennae. While the weaver claimed that the insect races were a gift for gaia in a similar manner to the rokea from the wyld she secretly.

They all consider this planet theirs not ours humans. The experiments that would produce these alien races occurred about 300 years before the birth of moses. As such no insectoids look anything like another.

In contrast to later fera the insect races were not created by gaia but by the weaver. Humanoids are the only species group to feature differences in gender appearance across the board though a few avian portraits feature minor coloration differences between the genders. Different species will use different voices and manners of speaking when contacted via the contacts menu.

The insect races were a primordial race of fera featured in ananasi legends. A humanoid race with octopus like features including tentacles in place of their arms and legs and have yellow skin and average 6 6 in height. I read a book about this.

These abduction scenarios are very similar to those involving mantis aliens and seem to evolve around medical experiments. Their body is composed of a head a thorax where their limbs are and an abdomen. The seven alien races here on earth now fox news.

Jump to navigation jump to search. A technomechanical insectoid race averaging 1 6 in length possessing two red eyes. The most chilling feature of the tall blacks encountered by many abductees are their glowing red eyes.

4 000 years ago the three types of aliens or extraterrestrial species insectoid mammalian humanoid and reptilian were genetically engineered by the made man with the help of the elohim. These parts of the brain have been identified by modern scientist. The insectoids are a race of medium sized insect beasts with unstable genetic structure.

The term is a combination of insect and oid a suffix denoting similarity. Epsiloni first appeared in captain america. July 5 2014 by admin.

Ah actually it was about a nuclear sub crew that surfaces one day to find everyone dead like everyone and the air temperature above boiling water. Their home planet is entem. They can have up to four eyes or even compound eyes.

A small robot designed to replicate insect functionality. Needless to say they dive again and set sail to antarctica. A humanoid race with pink white skin a fanged mouth and toe less spatulate feet.

Based on the conditions of their environment and their own wishes certain parts of their genome become unlocked. The term insectoid denotes any creature or object that shares a similar body or traits with common earth insects and arachnids. It is possible for a species to be both insectoid and humanoid as bipedal insectoids with only four limbs often have a fairly humanoid body plan e g.

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